The Link – Your Personal Golf Cart Caddy

The Link - Your personal golf cart caddy

We hope you are as excited as we are about The Link, golf’s ‘next big thing.’ The Link was designed by avid golfers through months of course testing to ensure the practicality of the design, as well as structural analysis testing to certify the safety of your clubs.

The idea began on a score card and has grown in to a USA based company with the help of a highly certified team complete with experienced engineers and material scientists who excel in the design and engineering of plastic. The Link is manufactured with high-impact polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass to assure long lasting customer satisfaction.

Your personal golf cart caddyAs you try out your new accessory (soon to be necessity), you will see for yourself the ability of our product to absorb the impact of hills and bumps, keeping your clubs and cart in pristine condition.

Think of The Link as your own personal caddy, just a little more budget friendly. Your personal caddy will allow the clubs to lie at an approximate 30 degree angle, preventing nicks and scuffs on your club heads and reducing the noise pollution from clubs rattling and clanging against one another.

Traditionally, your clubs sit perpendicular to the bottom of the bag, resting (or bouncing) on solely the butt end of the shaft which causes stress fractures in the club shaft. Our product is here to fix all the problems that come with strapping your bag in straight up and down. The Link also provides access to those typically hard to access pockets, even in staff bags, making it possible to get to everything you need.

Are you ready to give The Link a try?

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