The Link Golf Cart Caddy – About Us

Mike and DaveBack in the 80’s they discovered their love of the game.

Fast forward to marriage, kids, grandkids, work, work, more work, and of course, golf. Dave Law and Mike Giroux have shaped their life around the game: various golf leagues (indoor leagues when the snow falls,) rounds up north, rounds down south, a few out west, and several more on their bucket lists.

The beginning of it all feels like yesterday—aside from the aching back, bad knee, grey hair, no hair—but through it all the love for the game prevails and the need for The Link is born.

Dave and Mike hit the drawing board (a scorecard in the club house,) after growing frustrated with the downfalls of traditional bag strapping: lack of access to all pockets in their bags, repeatedly reaching for a club and having it stubbornly want to stay put in the bag, or hearing the ‘clank, clank, clank of the club heads because they lost their club head covers, or just didn’t feel like putting it back on. They strived for a solution that would allow them to play with a staff bag—like the pros, or just cause its cool—but without their innovative minds a staff bag wouldn’t strap into traditional golf carts.

Dave having a general contracting company, Mike being an injection mold designer, and both having a passion for the sport, it was inevitable they would find a solution to their golf bag nemesis. Starting with the original scorecard design, the idea started to grow into something more than just a visualization: rough prototypes, beer, engineered drawings, more beer, better prototypes, a golf cart purchase (‘honey, we have to try it out on something’,) then finally, The Link.